HOTB2020 Panel 7.2: Nonhuman Encounters, Entanglements, and Agencies I



Panel 7.2: Nonhuman Encounters, Entanglements, and Agencies I

“‘Chemical Castration’: White Genocide and Male Extinction in Rhetoric of Endocrine Disruption”

Meg Perret (Harvard University)

“Biophony in the Anthropocene: Changes to the Avian Soundscape Since Thoreau’s Time at Walden Pond”

Rebecca A. Durham (University of Montana)

“Bird Count””

Rebecca A. Durham (University of Montana)

“Saltwater Wetlands”

Brian Glaser (Chapman University)



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  1. Anne Pasek says:

    Hi Meg—Is your video clipped? It stops at 8:30ish minutes, and I’m interested to hear more about your analysis of white supremacist takes on androgen disruption.

  2. Ariel Kroon, University of Alberta says:

    The argument about the decline of the human species due to no more cismen is silly; pretty sure that we could just clone ourselves, at this point. By “human species” they very clearly are dogwhistling “white men”.

    Meg, this is a very good analysis of the rhetoric of male decline. I can see Alex Jones’ very compelling frogsuit video tying in to the alt-right usage of the Pepe frog meme. I wonder if perhaps that is also why Jordan Peterson’s bizarro lobster logic caught on so well in those circles; because the altright are already used to synonymizing male decline with the biological reproductive habits of amphibians, it was not such a leap to consider the gendered social habits of crustaceans as a pattern for what “natural” human relations should be? What do you think?

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