Professor, Geography

Dar Roberts holds a doctorate from the University of Washington and is currently the chair of the Geography department at UCSB.   He is the author of over 108 refereead publications, over 15 books/book chapters and over 100 abstracts and non-refereed articles. His research interests include imaging spectrometry, remote sensing of vegetation, spectroscopy (urban and natural cover), land-use/land-cover change mapping with satellite time series, height mapping with lidar, fire danger assessment and, recently remote sensing of methane. He has worked with hyperspectral data since 1984 and broad band sensors such as MSS and TM over the same period, as well as Synthetic Aperture Radar. More recently he has been working with Lidar. He is the UCSB Principal Investigator of the Southern California Wildfire Hazard Center and leads the group in developing wildfire fuels maps and mapping fuel moisture using remote sensing.

Personal homepage: UCSB Viper Lab

Select EH Courses: Land, Water, and Life; Environmental Impacts in Human History; Remote Sensing and Environmental Optics; Spatial Environmental Modeling; and Measuring our Environment