ClimateCovid P3.1: Curating Climate



Panel 3.1: Curating Climate: New Projects in the Environmental Arts & Humanities


“Curating Climate at ONCA, Brighton UK”
Persephone Pearl (ONCA, UK)

“Curating Climate Emotions”

Nicole Seymour (California State University, Fullerton)

“Everyday Life Projects and Climate Fiction”

Min Hyoung Song (Boston College)

“Curating ‘Climate Fictions’ for Paradoxa

Alison Sperling (Technische Universität Berlin, DE)

Q & A

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  1. Julia Samuel says:

    Thank you Professor Song!

    I was especially inspired by your statement encouraging students to not only focus on what they must take away from themselves, but what they could gain from the experience overall. As a fairly recent vegetarian myself, I had not even considered all of the benefits of my new eating habits until I paused a moment to think. I have reduced my own carbon footprint, which was my original motivation, but over the last year, I have also learned to cook more creatively, made new friends, and become much more mindful of my relationship with food and eating. The more I think about it, I really have gained much more than I have given up, now including a new way to approach the idea of personal sacrifice when it comes to avoiding climate crisis! Recently, many of us have gained time with family, or exercised our own resilience. I wonder if there are more ways we can apply this thinking to what we have given up to reduce the spread of COVID.

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