ClimateCovid P3.6: Transforming Education to Confront the Climate Crisis



Panel 3.6: Transforming Education to Confront the Climate Crisis


Vasna Ramasar, Manolo Callahan (Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy), Alessandra Pomarico (Independent Curator, US/Italy), Udi Mandel (Enlivened Learning), and John Foran (UC Santa Barbara)

“Climate Justice Education”

Mithika Mwenda (PACJA)

“Teaching the Sociology of Climate Change”

Andrew Szasz (UC Santa Cruz)

Daniel Fernandez (CSU Monterey Bay), Mark Stemen (CSU Chico), John Foran (UC Santa Barbara), and Richard Widick (UC Santa Barbara)

Q & A

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  1. Andrew Szasz says:

    Soliciting feedback: Hi everyone. I am the creator of the website “A Climate Change Module for Introduction to Sociology Classes,” described in one of the videos in this session of the Conference. Since I am planning to update/revise/improve the site sometime in the next six months, I would be grateful for any feedback or suggestions you might have.

  2. nseymour says:

    Thank you all for such wonderful talks! In particular I appreciated hearing about all the networks and initiatives I’d never heard of before–Ecoversities, Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy, etc. I’m wondering if any of the panelists from the first presentation had any practical tips for, or specific examples of, doing the work you talk about. For example, “unlearning”–what might that look like in a specific gathering? I’m also curious about, for those who work within the neoliberal university, as I do, negotiating student resistance. How do you propose these activities to students who come there for a “standard” education?

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