ClimateCovid P1.5: Labor in the COVID-era



Panel 1.5: Labor in the COVID era


“Is the 2020 New Deal a Green New Deal?”
Vicky Johnson (Open University, UK)

“Confronted by Crisis: The Limits of Climate Adaptation in the Context of COVID


Danielle Falzon (Brown University) and Laura Bahlman (Massey University, NZ)

Q & A

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  1. Julia Samuel says:

    Thank you Vicky and Danielle!
    Vicky – Thank you so much for this detailed break down of the 2020 New Deal. As a US citizen, I have heard very little news of the proposed policies in the UK, or what they will mean in terms of economic and climate recovery. Unfortunately, a focus on the fiscal control of a nation (rather than the health and wellbeing of the people) seems to be a common theme in world leadership today.
    Danielle – Thank you for educating us on adaptation interventions. I had never heard this specific term being used to describe these kinds of projects before. The more you explain, the more they seem like bandaid solutions to a much more deeply rooted issues. When creating new solutions for these communities, where do you think we should focus the most on creating stability, especially in the context of covid?

    • Vicky Johnson says:

      Julia, yes, it is interesting the similarities in approach across many different world leaders, particularly where there are other options to enable health and wellbeing of both people and the planet to be explored.

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