HOTB2020 Kim TallBear Plenary



Plenary Address: “A Sharpening of the Already-Present: An Indigenous Materialist Reading of Settler Apocalypse 2020”

Dr. Kim TallBear


Q & A

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  1. Jordan Kinder says:

    Hi everyone,

    If you’d like to view the archived stream of the Q&A with Kim TallBear, here it is:

    The captions are currently just the auto-generated ones, but I will edit them. I’ll also be adding more of the references that are mentioned in the discussion in the description of the video. Currently there are two from Kim that came up during a discussion of digital research methods.

  2. Dee Horne says:

    Thank you Kim TallBear for your excellent talk. Your points about radical hope and your observation about the need for evolution are inspiring. And yes, moments of transition can bring opportunities, not just crisis. Thank you, and all the organizers and participants for a wonderful, thought provoking conference. Here’s to creative, constructive changes.

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