Senior Lecturer, Global & International Studies, Sociology, and Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

Raymond Clémençon serves as Graduate Director of the Global & International Studies department and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Environment and Development, an interdisciplinary and international journal established in 1992. His policy research interests and teaching cover sustainable development, political economy, international environmental institutions, agreements and negotiations, international organizations, development financing, and comparative environmental politics in Europe and the US. He has worked on international environmental policy issues since 1989 first as a government representative and later researcher and policy consultant. He has also served as Section Head at the International Affairs Division of the Swiss Environment Agency. Clémençon was one of the negotiators on the Climate Convention, the Rio Conference on Environment and Development, and the establishment of the Global Environment Facility. In the early 90s he was involved in Switzerland’s national effort to develop and implement a CO2 tax and a national sustainable development strategy.

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Select EH Courses: Global Environmental Policy and Politics, Environmental Sociology, and Green Movements and Green Parties