Professor, History of Art and Architecture

Peter Sturman received his and Ph.D. from Yale University, specializing in Chinese painting and calligraphy. His dissertation on the transitional Song dynasty scholar-official painter and calligrapher Mi Youren (1074-1151) established his work as integrally related to the foundation of Song literati art. This was followed by a book on Mi Youren’s father, Mi Fu: Style and the Art of Calligraphy in Northern Song China. His research interests extend back to Han dynasty mortuary objects and forward to 20th century Chinese modernist art. He actively engages in museum exhibition work and has co-authored catalogues on the modern artist Chu Ko and Qing dynasty calligraphy couplets. He is currently curating an exhibition of 17th-century painting and calligraphy on the theme of reclusion. In addition, Professor Sturman is writing a book on Northern Song literati theory and practice of painting titled Painting and the Historical Mind in Song Dynasty China.

EH Course: The Art of Chinese Landscape