Non-Senate Faculty, History of Art and Architecture

Jeremy White is a licensed architect and an architectural historian specializing in modern architecture and the cultural landscape of the United States.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and studies architecture as a matrix of form, space, and ideology, broadly defining the built environment to include economic investment, political engagement, and social construct. He is as interested in spatial use as he is in the design of form, in the role of the architect as well as the complete life of the building, from drawing board to demolition.  He is co-editor and contributing author of a book on city halls, a global architectural history of the building type; Jeremy’s chapter focuses on Los Angeles City Hall. His current projects include a housing study of Isla Vista as a dense suburb and researching historical landscape change in Santa Barbara.

Select EH Courses: Advanced Spatial Practices, Global Survey of Architecture, Architecture in the United States, Housing American Cultures: Histories of Home in North America, and Deviant Domesticities: the Development of the Suburban Landscape and its Troubled Future