Lecturer, Environmental Studies

Celia Alario is a communications strategist, media coach and facilitator, working at the intersection of campaigning, grassroots organizing, media and marketing. In the last 20 years Alario has helped spin groundbreaking media campaigns, provided one-on-one trainings for dozens of incoming Communications Directors, trained hundreds of grassroots spokespeople and placed thousands of stories about critical social justice and environmental issues in media outlets worldwide.  Celia Alario has also worked as a journalist and producer.  She was a field producer on Michael Moore’s Emmy-nominated television show “The Awful Truth” and produced and hosted news programming at Pacifica Radio’s KPFA in Berkeley, California and KZMU in Moab, Utah.  She has served as an Engagement Producer, designing outreach campaigns for a number of award-winning documentaries and television programs, including Firestorm, On Coal River, Sir! No Sir!, The Greater Good, Bowling for Columbine, Trade Off and Building Green. 

Select EH Courses: Environmental Communications: Contemporary Strategies and Tactics; Grassroots Organizing, Outreach, & Campaigning; and Social Media and the Environment