Professor, Classics

Brice Erickson earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and taught at Dartmouth and DePauw before arriving at Santa Barbara. He is an archaeologist of ancient Greece specializing in Archaic and Classical (ca. 600-400 B.C.E.) ceramic sequences. His other interests include ancient Greek history, religion, and identity. His first book, a study of post-Minoan Cretan archaeology and history, was published by the American School of Classical Studies Press (Hesperia Supplement) in 2010. Brice’s next project took him to central Greece to publish the Geometric through Hellenistic (ca. 970–175 B.C.E.) remains from Lerna, a village in the Argolid. The results of this study will appear as a volume in the Lerna site publication series. In 2014 he begins a new project, a book on the Athenian Empire. It will have a more archaeological and economic focus than previous accounts that have been dominated by the ancient texts and an almost exclusively Athenian perspective.

EH Course: Greek Cities and Sanctuaries