Students interested in completing the Undergraduate Specialization in Literature and the Environment (USLE) with Honors have two options: 1. Majors who have completed at least two quarters of the junior year with a minimum GPA of 3.5 (overall and/or in the major) may apply for admission to the English Department’s Honors Program. Students who satisfy the requirements of the Honors Program by completing English 199 and 196 with an acceptable environmentally themed thesis will receive Honors in the USLE. 2. At the discretion of the Instructor, students may enter into an USLE Honors Contract for upper-division courses that meet the requirement of the Specialization. This involves regular meetings with the Instructor, as well as supplemental work, such as extra readings, an additional short paper or two, or a slightly longer term paper.  Students completing Honors Contracts for two or more USLE courses to the satisfaction of the Instructor will receive Honors in the USLE. (Please note that the USLE Honors Contract is not related to UCSB’s College of Letters & Sciences Honors Contract.) USLE Honors Certificates will be awarded at the English Department’s Undergraduate Commencement Reception.