The loss of direct human contact is the #1 concern raised in relation to this nearly carbon-neutral (NCN) conference model. While videoconferencing obviously does not replicate face-to-face interaction, it is potentially a meaningful way to interact. In order to explore the usefulness of such discussion in a conference setting, we are introducing the idea of “NCN Salons” where conference goers can casually interact in real time using a Skype-like technology. The challenge involves scheduling, as our participants are in a range of different time zones. Our solution is to create three separate NCN Salons for Saturday, November 5:

Most of the world can be divided into three blocks of no more than seven time-zones each. An example would be the Americas, as 4 p.m. in Brazil (the most eastern part of the two continents) is 10 a.m. in Alaska. Consequently, a one-hour NCN Salon open from 10-11 a.m. in Alaska / 4-5 p.m. in Brazil would be reasonably convenient for most of the Americas. A second such block includes Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. A third Russia, Asia, and Australia. All three of these time blocks are represented at our conference.

The idea is to open, by way of a real-time video conferencing service (in our case via Zoom), three one-hour NCN Salons based on the above time blocks where conference goers can interact casually and in real-time. If participants so desire, the session could go longer than one hour and you are also free to visit the NCN Salons outside of your region if you do not find the time difference too inconvenient.

We have scheduled three NCN Salons for the morning/afternoon – depending on your particular time zone – of Saturday, November 5, 2016, for these three regions: 1) Russia, Asia, and Australia, 2) Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and 3) The Americas. Note that, as UC Santa Barbara has contracted with Zoom, participants can take part in the NCN Salons free of charge.

Please consider participating in one or more of the conference’s NCN Salons!

Once the below links appear and you select one, you will be instructed by Zoom on how to join the conversation.

salon opening times

(At the scheduled opening time, please refresh your browser. A link to the NCN salon will then appear.)

NCN Salon #1: Russia, Asia, and Australia (4am GMT, Saturday, Nov 5th)

  • This Salon is now closed.

NCN Salon #2: Europe, Africa, and the Middle East (10am GMT, Saturday, Nov 5th)

  • This Salon is now closed.

NCN Salon #3: The Americas (5pm GMT, Saturday, Nov 5th)

  • This Salon is now closed.