Grouplove’s Andrew Wessen & Ryan Rabin share their excitement about being involved with the Spirit Of Akasha soundtrack. The Spirit of Akasha film celebrates forty years of surfing and the connections that humankind has forged with the ocean. Throughout the film, surfing footage is paired with an original soundtrack created by renowned artists around the world. Grouplove talks about writing their beautifully chilled song, ‘Drifting On A Daydream’, in the middle of a hurricane in Pennsylvania, with only a ukulele and a guitar. Wessen describes his own inspiration, saying, “it’s my reset button, it’s everything that keeps me sane, it’s like – my ultimate fear is tied in with my ultimate pleasure which is surfing…. It’s a connection I’ve had since I was a little kid and it’s the most powerful connection of my life”. (source).

The full Spirit of Akasha Soundtrack Sampler can be found here.