Berlin-based speculative artist Mathias Vef wants viewers to get lost in his collaged “digital ecosystems.”  “The process of the creation of an image is then again opposing the process of evolution, which is an emergence out of coincidence,” says Vef. This opposition, he adds, is why he decided to name the show Syncretics. In this series, images that are named Scion are made out of a single original motif that is repeated and images called Amphigony, a biological term for sexual reproduction, combines different Scion pieces. Combining all of these, and seeing which new visuals emerge is like a “survival of the aesthetics,” Vef describes. Attendees are reminded of the “visual infection” our reality is facing, from the onslaught of wearable technologies such as Google Glass, Oculus Rift, and more on the horizon. The future, he predicts, will split creation in two paths: one that emerges from a genuine, conscious source, and another that’s a wild, untameable growth—much like the visuals he brings to life. (source).