Mauricio Affonso has created Indigo tiles made from moulded Luffa, which may also lead to the next level in engineering equipment, as the luffa is a surprisingly effective acoustic insulator.  Soundproofing, the process of reducing sound pressure via a noise barrier using damping structures, is a delicate art that requiring dexterous materials that prevent sound leakage both in and out of a structure.The indigo colour is achieved by reusing wastewater from the denim-dyeing industry. Like most textiles, denim-making starts with plain white cotton. What many people don’t realize is that blue-jean process is poisonous to water supplies in communities such as Xintang, China. Luffa’s highly absorbent fibers can be used to soak up these harmful dyes that would otherwise be discharged. The result is a series of functional and beautiful indigo wall tiles. (source).