With this extension of the JST Malaysia factory, Japanese architect Ryuichi Ashizawa has worked with nature, capturing sunlight, wind, rainwater and geothermal energy to build a living green factory that sits lightly on the earth. With elegant Islamic architectural elements and forward thinking engineering, the complex completely transcends the usual factory typology. The central tower contains an office space that encourages a zen-like atmosphere amongst co-workers and it’s east-west orientation minimizes the effect of solar radiation to keep office workers cool inside. When workers pop out for a break, they’re able to take a walk around the green roof via a path that links the tower and the roof to the surrounding landscape. Vines are trained to grow up wires, forming a green facade, shading the glass from the sun and letting beautiful dappled light through. The vines also hang over the helter-skelter like curving path that invites employees to take a stroll out into the surrounding forest or around the surrounding structures. (source).