Artist Conrad Godly uses swift paint strokes filled with thick paints that drip down and sometimes off of the canvas to express the eminent force of elevated mountain peaks. According to one reviewer, “Godly shovels entire loads of paint onto the canvas and then layers them, rolls them, pushes them together, and combines them. The very thick application never dries completely inside, but always remains somewhat liquid, no different from the magma in the innermost part of the Earth; an idea that Godly likes.” In a sense, the artist’s work can be considered abstract because he never quite depicts a single, exact mountain. His work is formed from a collection of memories, photographs, and experiences that emerge on the canvas through his energetic brush strokes. Dynamic curves and strong shadows add to the power that emanates from each natural form. Godly captures the peaceful essence of each mountain in his paintings and the sizes range from very small to enormous—just like the many land formations that he depicts. (source).