Entries by Kiana Fatemi

The team has prototyped the world’s first moss-powered radio to illustrate the potential of its Photo Microbial Fuel Cells.

The Straw Theatre is a unique occasion where straw has been used for a large public building and adjusted to a refined architectural form.

“The rhythm and scale of the tent’s silhouette renders a topographic dimension to the structure, which pays homage to the nomadic traditions of southern Morocco.”

According to Slow Food, Herzog & de Meuron offer an alternative to the “pompous and unsustainable structures that would only distract visitors from the real purpose of the event”.

The Vlotwateringbrug by NEXT Architects will span a river that forms an important natural pathway for the local bat population, and provide shelter for the mammals with a series of covered roosting spots.

Using drone technology, Gibson manages to film on tops of mountains and crests of waves, revealing a type of nature usually inaccessible to most.

If you notice a massive, polygonal being sunning itself by the sea, you may have just stumbled upon DIVA, an 11.5-foot-tall paper sculpture hand-built by French artist Thomas Voillaume.

This beach house by Ruhl Walker Architects is raised above the landscape, helping it to have a minimal impact on the fragile coastal ecosystem.

The installation invites the public to build and rebuild the structures in their own image, considering the spaces they live, work, and play.

With 40 glass tubes, the sculpture appears as an abstract flapping of wings, like an enormous bird of glass elegantly taking flight within the space.