Entries by Kiana Fatemi

In an inspiring TED talk by Tshering Tobgay, it is revealed Bhutan stands as the most carbon negative country in the world.

Johnny Clasper’s hypnotic free-form stonework is a swirling spectacle.

The creation of a construction material that combines Martian soil with molten sulphur.

Comprised of real images of space culled from NASA, ESA and GoogleEarth, the video takes you on a tour of the solar system.

German landscape photographer Kilian Schönberger captures the mysterious forest in his aptly-named photo series The Crooked Forest.

The Geometric Beasts series imagines Earth’s most majestic creatures breaking out from polygonal crystal chrysalises.

Endangered creatures both large and small were depicted on the 33-story structure, including a black rhino, a humpback whale, and a bald eagle.

Titled Lucent, this larger-than-life orb is suspended above a darkened, reflecting pool that mirrors the brilliant illuminated tips.

He loved the duality of bringing something outdoor, indoor, as well as the duality of clouds themselves.

Bjarke Ingels’ firm has unveiled plans to build a school in Arlington,Virginia, featuring a fan-like plan that creates cascading roof terraces.